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How to upload documents or add resources to the hub?

If you are not registered as a SuSanA member, or your organization is a SuSanA partner, please send your resources to or

If you are already registered as a SuSanA member, or your organization is a SuSanA partner, you can upload a document by following the guidance here: During the upload, please select the 'Import to Sanitation Workers Platform' in the filter section. The document will thereby be linked with the hub.

If you are not a SuSanA partner you are welcome to apply as a partner here:

What types of documents/resource can I upload in the library?

You can upload research publications (reports, papers, articles), policy briefs, case studies, session replays, guidelines, manuals, etc. related to sanitation workers. Please note that here sanitation workers are defined as those who are involved in various steps across the faecal waste management chain. The library does not feature resources related to solid waste collectors, masons, health workers, and other categories of workers.

Can I contribute a blog post?

Yes, you can contribute blog posts around sanitation workers’ rights, up to 1200 words, along with pictures (if any). Please email these to

Will I get an email confirmation after submitting a document/resource?

Yes. As a partner, you will automatically receive a notification once your resource was accepted. If you sent in your resource to the SuSanA secretariat will get back to you with the direct link, where you can find the uploaded resource.

Do I need to be a SuSanA member to post on the hub?

It is not possible to post or upload documents on the hub itself. We would be happy if you could make use of the SuSanA forum to share information and mobilize the SuSanA community. The forum has over 14,000 registered users and the postings can be found with a google search. Please note that you can access the SuSanA Forum without a registration, but you must be registered to post in the forum (

How can I join the SuSanA community?

If you are interested in joining the SuSanA community, you can become a member or a partner organization by sending a formal request via our website for individual membership: or for your organization to become a partner:

Who runs the Sanitation Workers Knowledge and Learning Hub??

The Sanitation Workers Knowledge and Learning Hub platform is hosted by the Sustainable Sanitation Alliance, which is located in Deutsche Gesellschaft für Internationale Zusammenarbeit (GIZ) GmbH (see imprint). The platform is supported by the Initiative for Sanitation Workers Project undertaken by the International Labour Organisation, WaterAid, the World Health Organisation, SNV Netherlands Development Organisation, and the World Bank with support from the Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation. For more details, please see the About section:

Does the hub provide funding to researchers on sanitation projects?

No, the hub does not provide funding for projects or researchers. Some of the partners might have funds available for researchers, students, interns or activities. Visit their websites or use the Forum to look for funding opportunities e.g. calls for proposals, tenders, applications and expressions of interest (projects and awards).

Does the hub provide consultancy service?

No, the hub does not offer consultancy services.

Does the hub have job vacancies?

No, the hub itself is not an employer and does not offer any employment opportunities.

What is SuSanA?

SuSanA stands for Sustainable Sanitation Alliance. It is an informal network of people and organizations who share a common vision of sustainable sanitation and who want to contribute to achieving the Sustainable Development Goals, in particular SDG6. The SuSanA website – with its library, project database, and discussion forum – is an important resource for anyone wanting to explore the possibilities of sustainable sanitation. Learn more about SuSanA here: